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This class is aimed at children who are walking independently but not yet ready to attend a class without their parent, approxiamately 18months. Classes are on a Monday 9.30 - 10.15am.  A pre school class runs on a Friday morning from 10.30-11am.  This class is suitable for children from 2.5yrs who are confident dancing without their parent. 

Led by the teacher you will be introducing your child to the wonderful world of ballet; movement, balancing, music and props.

Parents will buy a card of 6 classes at a cost of £30. For each class attended the teacher will sign off the card.  As a parent I know how our little ones can be and know that even sometimes with the best intentions we don’t make it to a class for some reason or other.  Buying a block of classes will allow you to not worry about missing the occasional class.